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Net IT does as much as possible to make me feel happy and motivated.

At Net IT, there are a lot of people with whom I can share my thoughts… co-workers, managers… even the owners are reachable. I am always heard and my concerns are taken into account. Net IT does as much as possible to make me feel happy and motivated.

My job at Net IT is challenging because every customer has a different type of business, different requirements and a unique IT landscape.  For each scenario you need to think about performance, impact, maintenance… and decide if something is better with an out-of-the-box solution, or custom development, or a cloud resource.

What I like about my job? You often feel like part of something important and necessary, not just a piece of an engine.  Seeing your work deployed and running and see the customers really appreciating and using the result of your work is very much satisfying.

The biggest challenge is to keep track of all the news and updates in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Power platform. Microsoft brings many out-of-the-box solutions and approaches to build business applications. At Net IT, we keep on track and share knowledge with everybody. Moreover, you are given time to perform analysis and stay up to date with the latest technology. It’s not just about taking Microsoft exams and achieving certifications. The company trusts you and gives the necessary time to study or analyze a proposed technology/solution/approach. That’s how we continuously innovate, grow and acquire new knowledge.

Joel Neto Developer

Every day I go to work fully motivated. I can do what I'm good at.

I am working daily on streamlining processes, from sales to delivery of the CRM project. As Head Project Manager, I coach and coach Net IT’s Project Managers team to tackle every project with the utmost care. I work at Net IT since 2010 and every day I still work full-time. At Net IT I get the chance to do what I am good at doing. Here you are a person and not a function. We listen to your ambitions and look at your talents. With a smile I think back to the mini parties in the car, on the way back from a customer visit. After a successful demo or positive steering, I sometimes dare to let off steam with colleagues and euphorically roar with (bad) music. We always strive for happy customers and so many mini-parties in the car.

Sam Vanderstraeten Head Project Manager

Do you want to apply at Net IT? Do not hesitate, just do it!

After 4 years as a CRM developer, I wanted a career switch. Net IT listened to my wishes and gave me the opportunity to also do business analysis with customers. I immediately had a taste for it. I really enjoy working independently and directly with clients. It is extremely interesting to listen to the needs of the customer and to translate them into an optimal business process. If I can give an advice to someone who is considering applying for a job at Net IT: just do it! Net IT is a very good employer where it is interesting to work. Due to the wide variety of customers and technology, your job will never get boring. The working atmosphere is also great! By working hard together and also having fun together, we achieve great results.

Kevin Aelbrecht CRM Consultant & Business Analyst

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