Microsoft Dynamics 365

Sales is a lot more fun with Viva Sales

Microsoft Viva Sales is a powerful tool for salespeople, providing a suite of features and benefits designed to help them be more productive and effective. Here are some of the key advantages of Microsoft Viva Sales for salespeople: 1. Improved Collaboration and Communication: Microsoft Viva Sales is built on Microsoft Teams, which means it integrates […]

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CRM Business Case: 9 essential parts – Infographic

Why a CRM Business Case? A CRM Business Case is a great initial step towards a successful CRM implementation. During the preparation of the Business Case, a thinking process is started within the organization, which is an excellent preparation for the entire CRM process and the new way of working. You will gain insight into […]

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Dynamics 365 for banking and insurance

Digitization is continuing at a rapid pace, which is certainly the case for the financial services sector. Banking and insurance companies are constantly looking for innovative solutions to: • to modernize and automate operating processes; • extract workable customer insights from ‘big data’; • deliver personalized, omnichannel customer experiences. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is already established […]

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